Good Medicine - Proverbs 17:22

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lincoln Park Baptist Temple,
built 1897.
A church is one of the best representations of "community". Church members share in life's struggles, hardships, triumphs and joys. And yet, in many ways they exhibit behaviors very typical of close families: dry senses of humor, irritability, love.....I thought this rogue photograph fit in well with the relationships and dialogue that can be heard on any given Sunday - plus, it made me giggle, and reminded me that church can be a wonderful place of laughter!

The photograph itself is historically a very valuable one. It is one of the very few in existence that shows the Lincoln Park Temple when it existed downtown. Long since demolished, there seems to have been very few pictures taken from the inside - or very few passed on to the church for their collection - which was a fact well known to a previous church historian: Violette Tolbert. From what I've heard already, Violette was a tenacious historian. Far from magpie tendencies, she was methodical, thorough and organized!

According to the notes attached to this photo, Violette documented the symbolism seen in the photo, thanked the donor, and according to the back of the photo - kept in contact with all potential donors. Which brings me to the punch line and the laughter. The back of the photo contains a note from the donor that sheds a little light on Ms. Violette's historical methodology: "Violet Tolbert wants this picture after I am gone. Well I am still here, but give it to her anyway. May 21 - 82." Kudos to you Ms. Violette! We thank you for your efforts!

Here is the rest of the note attached to this photo: